Interview with Harold Van Haltren, Founder & Director of Goddard & Tyne

Harold Van Haltren, the dynamic powerhouse driving Goddard and Tyne, in an exclusive interview.

Interviewer: "When was the first time you visited Papua New Guinea?"

Harold Van Haltren: " I first visited Papua New Guinea, in 1992, when I was invited to attend a workshop on downstream processing by the PNG Dept of Trade and Industry."

Interviewer: "What are the biggest changes you have seen in the country since then?"

Harold Van Haltren: "The biggest changes I have seen in that time is the growth of phenomenal wealth of the country and the realisation that PNG can be a world player in natural resources."

Interviewer: "Anything other changes?"

Harold Van Haltren: "The other thing that stands out for me, is the development of national pride, the way PNG sees itself as a unified nation of many tribes."

Interviewer: "What do you see as the main challenges for Papua New Guinea?"

Harold Van Haltren: "I think the main challenge for PNG at the moment is that of finding a way to manage the national interests, so as to advance and develop their status at a singular nation. I also believe that PNG needs to consider the perceptions that the world will maintain of it as a country."

"One of these perceptions is that the world may regard PNG as a single sector economy. To deal with this I see the ongoing challenge of channelling the enormous wealth on offer as a way of delivering meaningful and lasting programmes focused on social change, whilst retaining national pride"

Interviewer: "What do you see as the greatest opportunity for Papua New Guinea?"

Harold Van Haltren: "The opportunities for PNG are almost the same as it's challenges. There is a challenge that the world may regard them as a single sector economy. There is the challange of channeling the enormous wealth as a resource into making PNG a rich nation that has meaningful and lasting programmes that will enact social change, whilst retaining national pride."

Interviewer: "What do you think about the people of Papua New Guinea ?"

Harold Van Haltren: "I love them. I have never met a people with such a depth of charactor. There is nothing bland about a Papua New Guinean."

Interviewer: "Goddard and Tyne is undertaking various projects in Papua New Guinea. What is your favourite one?"

Harold Van Haltren: "One of the projects that we are in the process of developing is that of Remote Area Maternity Wings. There is more about this on our website under Case Studies and Projects, but the main aim is to reduce the infant death rate In PNG."

Interviewer: "What do you see as the future role of Goddard and Tyne ? Will you operate only in Papua New Guinea, or do you see a wider field?"

Harold Van Haltren: "What I'd like to be able to do is to showcase the changes and demonstrate the these positive practical changes in Papua New Guinea can be transferred to other areas such as Africa .

Interviewer: "Why did you found Goddard and Tynne?"

Harold Van Haltren: "Over the years in PNG, I have seen a lot of people come and go , with many of them just wanting to take something out of the country. I really wanted us to put something back into the country. Practical programes that deliver real change seemed the way to best achieve that.".

Interviewer: "Is there a particular person who has inspired you?"

Harold Van Haltren: "Not really, but, I will say, I have been blessed enough to have been born between two great men, my father and my son. My two daughters who are awesome have taught me about being humble and bring me down to earth constantly"

Interviewer: "In conclusion it appears that Goddard & Tyne has a deep sense of community in a country away from where you were born and where you grew up, why is that?"

Harold Van Haltren: "I have often thought that myself, I suppose it has allot to do with my mother who is both amazingly strong and has a faith to move a mountain. She always made me look at other peoples situations and to help others and when I am pushing hard to get ahead and the wheels are spinning and we are not moving I always think of her and never give up. Goddard & Tyne will deliver on it's promise."