The engineering development and education program

Teaching PNG villagers to maintain and repair engines and machinery is a vital element of the skills development process which promotes sustainability and self reliance.

There are many companies that have old or unwanted engines or equipment. Often these pieces of equipment sit around gathering dust or rust in a corner.

Consider for a moment how these pieces of equipment could make a difference in the lives of a rural community?

What if the equipment that's no longer of use to your company can create independence for an entire village? If you have old engines or equipment that are gathering dust or rust then contact us. Goddard and Tyne are happy to collect your piece of equipment and transport it to PNG. We'll then work with the PNG government and the villagers to repair and maintain the equipment.

Getting the equipment into service becomes a major source of empowerment for villagers and permits the transfer of vital knowledge and skills. We are always looking for mechanics who want to share their knowledge. If you're interested in making a real difference to these wonderful people then please contact us.

Engine donation to encourage development of mechanical skills amongst locals and get the program underway.

Goddard and Tyne has donated a 4 stroke Detroit V8 Diesel engine to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Madang.

The engine and transmission is a complete unit that we are dismantling and rebuilding to teach basic diesel engine and mechanic skills to the local population. Transfer of this knowledge and skill creates valuable pathways for boys or girls who want to pursue work in the mechanical trades.

The 4 stroke combustion process is the foundation of the internal combustion engine and the mechanical hydraulic Alison gearbox is a conventional semi auto gearbox used all over the world.

As the pilot project for this valuable program, Goddard and Tyne bought this engine, including all the hoses and ancillaries. Leading by example, Harold Van Haltren personally donated the funds to make this possible. "The whole unit was still attached to the chassis rails of the truck it came from in Brisbane. We are now shipping it to Papua New Guinea with Sierra Fleet Services where it will be used as a training unit."

Watch the video which shows Goddard and Tyne working with Sierra Fleet Services to ship this engine to PNG. What we need now is your support to donate old, unwanted or outdated equipment to be repaired and recommissioned for use by the local population. This is a real world application of skills and training.

Your support is vital to our success in the field where it matters.

You can make a difference by supporting our programs.
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