The Metal Bucket Program

Access to sustainable quantities of fresh water is another project that has been identified as critical to the welfare of rural communities. For these people simply turning on a tap isn't always an option. Often villagers have to travel long distances to collect water. Many use discarded soft drink bottles. Imagine that; in the 21st century and on Australia's doorstep, people from our closest neighbour have to cart water in bottles we'd throw in a bin. The immediate solution however is simple.

A galvanized metal water bucket carries approximately 10 litres. Two of these can be carried by the average person and increases the water collected up to 10 fold per trip.

What's more a simple bucket can carry almost anything. It's as useful to the women (haus mari) in a village as a bush knife is to the men that work in the plantations.

It can be used to collect fire wood, take produce to market or bring produce home, turn it upside down and it's a seat. The metal buckets last well where plastic buckets break. They are also very cheap to purchase, making this an ideal program for community groups and schools to get involved with.

Importantly it goes to show that not all issues need complex or expensive solutions. We believe it's important to do something positive whilst we put long term strategies in place rather than sit around indefinitely and talk about how to solve a problem. Small steps improve lives.

For more information on how this program is being implemented watch the video.
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